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In fact, she realised that high achievers faced unique difficulties in finding genuine, compatible life partners. Susie discovered that, because of their complex lifestyles and high expectations, such people had very particular requirements in potential partners and relationships. Why did you feel there was a specific need for an exclusive matchmaking agency for prominent single people? At the beginning of , I noticed that there was not a specialist agency specifically for the affluent market. Wealthy and successful people lead very dynamic and full lives; their success is often a product of a broad curious mind, high expectations and positive attitude and drive. Their requirements in potential partners are therefore fairly unique: It is for people with such life experience and requirements, that Seventy Thirty caters. The majority of our members have worked extremely hard to become the successes they are today. They have ambition and dreams, and have the vision and drive to achieve their goals.

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The Vida Consultancy – Service below expectations Jan 03, 26 comments This company is trying to compete with the more established matchmakers but trailing far behind. It lacks both sufficient quantity of members on its books as well as quality. In a bid to grow, they will sign anyone up, when in reality if a prospective customer is not a match for their existing database, they should say now.

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Call it what you will—credit crunch, credit crisis, recession — but it has been good for at least one industry: Apparently our uncertain economy has provoked a desire for companionship and chemistry. Seventy Thirty is dating service with a difference, a full-service matchmaker. Founded by psychotherapist Susie Ambrose, not only does Seventy Thirty attempt to match wealthy, successful clients with suitable partners, but they also employ life coaching, a wealth management advisor, and give work-life balance advice hence the name of the company.

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A more traditional matchmaking service, Seventy Thirty , established in. Seventy Thirty’s vast network of contacts across the dating scene work to introduce you to that special someone and then it’s over to you. Seventy Thirty is a. Seventy – Thirty has a global membership of around 2, , with the. The first Exclusive Luxury Matchmaking Company, finding life partners for affluent single people.

Recommended Reviews for Seventy Thirty. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can’t pay to alter or remove their reviews. Seventy Thirty is a dating service for the extremely wealthy and successful – and they’ve never been busier. See all posts on Seventy Thirty.

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Tereza Burki had sued Seventy Thirty, based in Knightsbridge, central London, for deceit and misrepresentation. Her most important requirement was a willingness to have more children since she had always wanted four. This was false and misleading, said the judge, because there were only about active male members altogether. She was induced to enter her contract with the agency by the false representations given by Thomas, who must have known he was giving her a wholly false impression, he added.

Watchdog bans advert’s claim eHarmony is ‘scientifically proven’ Read more In her legal action, Burki sought the return of her membership fee and damages for distress. The agency counter-sued her for libel and malicious falsehood in connection with two online reviews she wrote. Had Thomas explained to Burki that the database included active members, former members who still wished to be matched, and people who had been headhunted and had agreed to be put on the database in the hope of finding a suitable partner, she would have had little cause for complaint, Parkes said.

Therefore, her remarks about us being a non-reputable and fraudulent company were deemed untrue and entirely without foundation.

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Exclusive luxury matchmaking for affluent single people globaly You are here: By Sadie Nicholas Abra Conway Keene, 27, is attractive, owns her own flat in London, and has a successful career as a fashion buyer. Her job takes her to glamorous parties and glittering destinations from Mauritius to Milan but, until 18 months ago, she had to do it all alone. After one failed long-term relationship and numerous unsuccessful dates, she was desperate to find Mr Right. So desperate, in fact, that she decided to spend all her savings on the search.

I wanted to meet someone special. And, in her case, money did buy love, as just four months after Abra parted with her savings, her matchmaker introduced her to Dan, a management consultant. A year on, they are planning to move in together and have discussed marriage. Despite the recession, dating agencies for the well-heeled are booming. Long working hours coupled with anxiety about leaving it too late to settle down are driving legions of singletons to their doors.


There were press releases posted in the last 24 hours and , in the last days. After spotting a gap in the market – that there was no matchmaking company which catered exclusively to ultra-high net worth individuals, Susie Ambrose created the first exclusive matchmaking company in the UK and Europe. Today, Seventy Thirty is the leading exclusive international matchmaking agency staffed by a team of psychologists and relationship experts and a membership of exceptional single people.

We have substantial knowledge and experience of the Chinese Matchmaking market. A few years after Seventy Thirty started, we received interest from people based in Asia. Over the last 4 years there has been rapid growth in Asia, especially in regards to exclusive matchmaking in Mainland China, matchmaking in Hong Kong and matchmaking in Singapore.

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Armstrong was alive, the church preached and published a great deal about prophecy. Especially in the World Tomorrow broadcasts, the church focused on Nebuchadnezzar’s image Daniel 2 , the beasts that represent world empires Daniel 7 , and the symbols and time frame of the book of Revelation. The church, however, rarely explained the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9: It is an important prophecy—maybe not as important as these other prophecies or the blessings and cursings of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28—but it is important to the dating of Christ’s birth, ministry, and death.

This season, during which the world celebrates what they consider to be the birth of Jesus , is a good time to review it. The prophecy was given to Daniel by the cherub Gabriel late in the prophet’s life. It was BC, and the decree from Cyrus that the Jews could return to Judah had already been made or was about to be made. Earlier in chapter 9, Daniel had prayed, asking God for forgiveness of Israel’s sins.

The reason behind his prayer, though he does not specifically ask the question, is, “How long until You redeem us? When will Messiah come? Prophecy and Poetry [Before continuing, one vital point needs to be made: These four verses are not only prophecy, but they are also poetry. A poet can take a bit of license, especially with form. Hebrew poets and angelic ones are no different, and one of their favorite devices was contrast.

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She had hoped to find ‘possibly the man of my dreams, the father of my child’, The Times reports.

Dating diaries of the lonely divorcees Last updated at But what is that first painful year like? Here, three women who divorced a year ago, reveal their dating triumphs and disasters in Tracy Chambers, 36, is a senior manager for a charity. Single, she lives in a flat in West London: When my marriage ended, it was like having my heart ripped out. Luke, who is 34, and I had been together for eight years and married for five.

He was my best friend and I honestly thought our love would last for ever. But one day last year I came down for breakfast – Luke had gone to work – to find a letter on the kitchen table. In it, Luke said he didn’t feel he could make me happy, that it would be a mistake for us to emigrate to Thailand – as we’d planned – and he no longer loved me.

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