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To fill-in the historical period from the Exodus and Sinai revelation to the preparations in Moab to enter the Promised Land B. To explain that the 38 year period in the wilderness was a consequence for the unbelief of the older generation Dt 1: To present laws as case studies which do not have a precedent in what has been spoken thus far. To narrate the preparation of Israel for entry into the Promise Land 22 by describing the journey from Sinai to the region beyond Jordan, and the legal decisions made in the wilderness 23 1 Milgrom writes, It was also entitled va-yedabber after the first word see Rashi on Exod. The present Hebrew Title Bemidbar the fifth word of the opening verse seems more apt since it actually encompasses all the events described in the book that took place ‘in the wilderness’ Leviticus, xi. However, it is highly unlikely that they were mere fictions of postexilic editors. It is not unreasonable to suppose that in addition to the written log of the stages of the journeyings How much expansion, revision and rewriting they underwent in the centuries before they reached their final form, possibly in the early days of the monarchy, is hard to determine by critical methods. It is perhaps fairer to give the tradition the benefit of the doubt, than to assume everything must be late unless there is evidence to the contrary.

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Jewish political movements and List of Jews in politics A range of moral and political views is evident early in the history of Judaism, that serves to partially explain the diversity that is apparent among secular Jews who are often influenced by moral beliefs that can be found in Jewish scripture, and traditions.

In recent centuries, secular Jews in Europe and the Americas have tended towards the liberal political left [ citation needed ], and played key roles in the birth of the 19th century’s labor movement and socialism. While Diaspora Jews have also been represented in the conservative side of the political spectrum, even politically conservative Jews have tended to support pluralism more consistently than many other elements of the political right. Some scholars [19] attribute this to the fact that Jews are not expected to proselytize , derived from Halakha.

This lack of a universalizing religion is combined with the fact that most Jews live as minorities in diaspora countries, and that no central Jewish religious authority has existed since CE.

When one listens to the gentle voice and kindly expressions of David O.

Humanity again multiplied, but when their urban building project threatened God, he scattered them about the earth. The remainder of Genesis relates episodes centering on the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The book of Exodus begins with the offspring of Jacob residing in Egypt where they were slaves to the Pharaoh. God raised up Moses to be the leader of these Hebrew people, also called the Israelites.

He mediated the series of disasters that came upon the Egyptians, which paved the way for the departure of the Hebrews, called the Exodus, along with its biggest moment, the crossing of the Reed Red Sea. This event of disaster with deliverance was celebrated as the Passover, which is still marked today in both Jewish and Christian communities. Moses became the channel through whom God communicated a divine design for their life as his people. The content of the constitution was delivered at Mount Sinai and consisted of the Ten Commandments, along with a large collection of other moral and ritual laws.

These instructions are contained in the books of Exodus the second half , Leviticus, and Numbers the first half. Along the way, they challenged the good intentions of their God and the leadership of Moses. In response and as punishment, God relegated them to live out their existence in the wilderness of Sinai. Although God sustained their lives with miracles of food and water, the entire first generation of Hebrews perished in the wilderness without stepping foot on the promised land.

The book of Deuteronomy consists of speeches that Moses addressed to the next generation, reviewing the divine laws and counseling them to remain faithful so that they would be permitted to remain in the promised land once they arrived.

Culture of Liberia

Think of how his grace has been sufficient for thee in all thy troubles—how his blood has been a pardon to thee in all thy sins—how his rod and his staff have comforted thee. He who has loved thee and pardoned thee, shall never cease to love and pardon. He is Alpha, and he shall be Omega also: Therefore, bethink thee, when thou shalt pass through the valley of the shadow of death, thou needest fear no evil, for he is with thee.

In Western paintings, still life often appears as a minor feature of the design; but until the 17th century it was not generally painted for its own sake, although it was already traditional to East Asian art.

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They laid wait for men, that they might have a fair opportunity to compass their mischievous malicious designs; thus the company of priests laid wait for Christ to take him, saying, Not on the feast-day.

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An Introduction to the Book of Numbers

Liberia lies on the west coast of Africa. The name comes from the English word “liberty” and refers to the nation’s origin as a colony of free blacks repatriated to Africa from the United States in the early nineteenth century. Although the settlers and their descendants, known as Americo-Liberians, defined the boundaries of the nation-state, made English the official language, and dominated the government and economy for almost one hundred fifty years, they have never constituted as much as 5 percent of the population.

The remaining people belong to sixteen broadly defined ethnolinguistic groups of the Niger-Congo family.

Social Welfare and Change Programs Social assistance in Rwanda has traditionally been provided by family members and neighbors, Rwandan mothers and their children in Kigali.

Mural painting Mural painting has its roots in the primeval instincts of people to decorate their surroundings and to use wall surfaces as a form for expressing ideas, emotions, and beliefs. In their universal manifestation in graffiti and in ancient murals, such as cave paintings and protodynastic Egyptian frescoes, symbols and representational images have been spread freely and indiscriminately across walls, ceilings, and floors.

But, in more disciplined attempts to symbolize the importance and function of particular buildings through their interior decoration , murals have been designed for the restricted framework of specific surface areas. These grid patterns were in harmony with the austere character of the interiors, and their geometrical plan enabled the artist to depict clearly the various episodes and symbols of a narrative subject. In these early traditions of mural design, in China , India, Mexico , Egypt, Crete, and Byzantium, no illusionary devices were used to deny the true flatness of the wall surface; images were silhouetted against a flatly painted ground framed by decorative dadoes the decoration adorning the lower part of an interior wall of stylized motifs in repeat patterns.

By the early Renaissance , however, innovators such as Giotto , Masaccio , and Fra Angelico were placing figures within architectural and landscape settings, painted as if extensions to the real dimensions of the interior.

Extreme Unction

Yvette Alt Miller Start Gradually …A sudden transition from one opposite to another is impossible and therefore man, according to his nature, is not capable of abandoning suddenly all to which he was accustomed. All beginnings are hard. Keeping this in mind can help us over the initial discomfort of trying something new. Asking for Help If you wish to change your personality, study Torah and implement it in your daily living, and pray to God to remove your undesirable traits.

You cannot do it by yourself. If we truly want to alter ourselves, we need to also pray to the Almighty to give us the strength we need to change.

He then initiates a twisted mind game with Murdoch that culminates in him burying Julia alive , with Murdoch only narrowly getting there in time to save her.

Photographer Murray Levin has looked through his camera lenses countless times, capturing Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs and other joyous events. The one “picture,” however, he can’t stop focusing on isn’t in his camera but in his year-old memory. It’s an image of a bar mitzvah lesson at the old Agudas Achim Synagogue.

It’s the shame that came along with his teacher, the now-deceased Rabbi Ephraim F. Shapiro, placing his hand down the year-old Murray Levin’s pants and fondling him. With at least half a dozen maftir lessons came the rabbi’s touch. But it wasn’t just Murray Levin. The former Talmudical Academy principal, by one influential Baltimore rabbi’s estimate, molested hundreds of times.

Bob Glickstein, 65, another survivor of Rabbi Shapiro’s fondlings, figures it could be thousands.

The Wife/Sister Experience: Pharaoh’s Introduction to Jehovah

However, understand that the numbers shown above include whole years, yet the kings actually died somewhere in the middle of those years. Also, if you compare the times given for the reigns of IsraEl’s kings to those of the kings of Judah, you will find some errors. For when we work the dates back using just the length of reigns that are given for the kings of Judah , they add up to about years from the same starting point 10 years more than years.

So it seems as though the only reliable reference is the prophecy that God gave, which says years and we suspect that He really knew the answer. Accepting a Repentant Sinner In Second Corinthians Chapter Two, we read of how the first recorded case of the official congregational discipline of a member who was guilty of serious wrongdoing worked out.

This had to do with a man in the congregation at Corinth, Greece, who had taken his father’s wife as his own.

So he never really leaves the feeling that black skin makes a man inferior.

FREE Catholic Classes A sacrament of the New Law instituted by Christ to give spiritual aid and comfort and perfect spiritual health, including, if need be, the remission of sins, and also, conditionally, to restore bodily health, to Christians who are seriously ill; it consists essentially in the unction by a priest of the body of the sick person, accompanied by a suitable form of words. The several points embodied in this descriptive definition will be more fully explained in the following sections into which this article is divided: Actual Rite of Administration; II.

Sacramental Efficacy of the Rite; IV. Matter and Form; V. Reviviscence of the Sacrament. The unction of the loins is generally, if not universally, omitted in English-speaking countries, and it is of course everywhere forbidden in case of women. To perform this rite fully takes an appreciable time, but in cases of urgent necessity, when death is likely to occur before it can be completed, it is sufficient to employ a single unction on the forehead, for instance with the general form: In the Eastern Orthodox schismatical Church this sacrament is normally administered by a number of priests seven, five, three; but in case of necessity even one is enough ; and it is the priests themselves who bless the oil on each occasion before use.

The parts usually anointed are the forehead, chin, cheeks, hands, nostrils, and breast, and the form used is the following: Each of the priests who are present repeats the whole rite. NAME The name Extreme Unction did not become technical in the West till towards the end of the twelfth century, and has never become current in the East. Some theologians would explain its origin on the ground that this unction was regarded as the last in order of the sacramental or quasi-sacramental unctions, being preceded by those of baptism, confirmation, and Holy orders ; but, having regard to the conditions prevailing at the time when the name was introduced see below, VI , it is much more probable that it was intended originally to mean “the unction of those in extremis “, i.