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The phrase “that’s why lah” literally translates into “that explains it” in proper English. Bo Jio derives from the Hokkien word that means “never invite”, we Malaysians normally use it to people who didn’t invite us to a certain event, outing or gathering. Commonly seen on Facebook comments especially pictures , Twitter and Instagram. May cause irritation or annoyance for the other party. Expect a response as such: This word is used due to the heavy influence of the Malay and Chinese language.

Mandarin Love: Chinese Phrases On Love and Destiny

But why is a dictionary entry such a big deal? How does the process work? And what does it tell us about Hong Kong English and its place in the global family of English varieties? It represents the metaphor of injecting fuel into a tank, or alternatively, stepping on an accelerator to propel a vehicle forward. It is believed to have originated as a cheer at the Macau Grand Prix during the s.

Cantonese first developed around the port city of Guangzhou in the Pearl River Delta region of southeastern China.

Where is Chinese spoken? Chinese is also spoken by large communities around the world, from Singapore to London to Vancouver, although overseas Chinese are more likely to speak Cantonese or Hokkien, than Mandarin. What you already know about Chinese Well, for starters, your cup of cha in the morning comes from a Chinese word. A few words have also gone the other way too, from English to Chinese. Can you guess what these might be? Coca Cola, coffee and whisky.

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Upon seeing a foreign tourist struggling with his luggage, she decides to go help him.

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One of the nice details about EastMeetEast is that you can also include info like the age you came to the US or Canada, or wherever and the languages you speak Cantonese, Malay, or Tamil, for example.

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You can subscribe to more than apps for learning and training via GoLearningBus. It enables you to grasp Cantonese words useful on the road, when mingling with Cantonese speakers, in day-to-day or family life, and when working. You have limited access to the content provided. In this mode you can access first chapter for free.

Somebody else’s grandmother father, mother’s side Somebody else’s grandfather father, mother’s side Aunt on mother’s side of family Oldest, middle, youngest Uncle on mother’s side of family Oldest, middle, youngest Aunt on father’s side of family Oldest, middle, youngest Uncle on father’s side of family Oldest, middle, youngest Great uncle Great aunt Godparents Any other general tips on mannerisms and phrases you say to respected family figures would also be good to know!

She informed me that most of what I was saying was gibberish, but I did manage to say that I enjoy fried sticky turtles and that my boots were filled with pudding. Consulting a dirty Hungarian-to-English phrasebook, he then proceeds to walk into a tobacco shop and asks the guy at the counter, “Can I please buy some matches? This typically has nothing to do with bad translations; the original speech was incorrect. However, if the language being spoken isn’t the language of the work as a whole, there’s usually a translation back so that the audience can see just how wrong the character’s speech actually was.

For example, Bob thinks he speaks French well. He speaks in French to a waiter, who looks at him oddly and says “Monsieur, I do not think that you really meant to say that there is a blue banana in your navel.

What are the World’s Oldest Languages

RNW is the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide or Wereldomroep, which was founded as the Dutch international public broadcaster in Dona Aida de Jesus is 96 years old and still runs the family restaurant in Macau. She is also something even more remarkable: De Jesus’ mother tongue is Patua, once also known as “Christian speech” or the “sweet language of Macau” — a creole that blends Portuguese with Cantonese and Malay, plus traces of Hindi, Japanese and the languages of other stops on the travels of the Portuguese over the past few centuries.

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Pin1 Currently, about 7, languages are spoken around the world. They belong to different language families and their origins date back thousands of years ago. Researchers are still finding it difficult to determine which language is the oldest. However, the earliest written languages on record are the cuneiform script that was discovered in Mesopotamia that dates back to 8th millennium BC. The Sumerian script that started in the 3rd millennium BC was developed for funerary inscriptions because the Sumerians were concerned about their afterlife.

For a long time, humans used primitive sounds and gestures as their means of communication. Structured languages were seen in scriptures that were written about 10, years ago. Linguists say that a language’s age should be determined by the first time it appeared in texts and its use in the present. Since many languages are thousands of years old, a number of languages could be included in the list of the oldest languages in the world. Some of them are already extinct; others still exist for a specific purpose, while others remain in use, even if the number of speakers is drastically reduced.

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Grammar Georgian is an agglutinative language, i. They are simply added to each other in a string. This may occasionally result in long words which correspond to phrases and even whole sentences in European languages. Georgian uses postpositions rather than prepositions to mark grammatical relations.

However, since they only speak Japanese, he has to resort to using a phrasebook to get his point across; whatever he says , the girls are so offended that they slap him and storm off.

Given the traditional predominance of Cantonese within Hong Kong, it is the de facto official spoken form of the Chinese language used in the Hong Kong Government and all courts and tribunals. It is also used as the medium of instruction in schools, alongside English. A similar situation also exists in neighboring Macau , where Chinese is an official language along with Portuguese. As in Hong Kong, Cantonese is the predominant spoken variety of Chinese used in everyday life and is thus the official form of Chinese used in the government.

The Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong and Macau is mutually intelligible with the Cantonese spoken in the mainland city of Guangzhou, although there exist some minor differences in accent, pronunciation and vocabulary. Standard Cantonese and closely related dialects are highlighted in pink. Cantonese first developed around the port city of Guangzhou in the Pearl River Delta region of southeastern China.

Due to the city’s long standing as an important cultural center, Cantonese emerged as the prestige dialect of the Yue varieties of Chinese in the Southern Song dynasty and its usage spread around most of what is now the provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi. On the mainland, Cantonese continued to serve as the lingua franca of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces even after Mandarin was made the official language of the government by the Qing Dynasty in the early s. A proposal to switch some programming on Guangzhou television from Cantonese to Mandarin was abandoned following massive public protests, the largest since the Tiananmen Square protests of As a major economic center of China, there have been recent concerns that the use of Cantonese in Guangzhou is diminishing in favour of Mandarin, both through the continual influx of Mandarin-speaking migrants from poorer areas and strict government policies.

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